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A hexagon shape that is easy to wear! Works beautifully as an ophthalmic frame and effortlessly as sunglasses, Preston is a unisex style that is hip on all occasions. Also available with Category 2 tinted lenses.

Colors Available:

C1 Jet Black
C2 Smoky Crystal Brown
C3 Smoky Crystal Gray
C1 w. Tint - Jet Black / Green Tint
C2 w. Tint - Smoky Crystal Brown / Brown Tint
C3 w. Tint - Smoky Crystal Gray / Blue Tint


Eye: 53
D.B.L.: 19
Temple: 140


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Smoky Crystal Gray (C3)

Smoky Crystal Gray w. Tink (C3)

Jet Black (C1)

Smoky Crystal Gray (C2)

Smoky Crystal Gray with Tint (C2)