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Designer Alexandra Peng spent 15 years in the European optical fashion circuit, designing and working with numerous international brands. Though an optical industry veteran, Peng was never able to find frames that truly fit her Asian features. After overhearing some of her friends with the same complaints, Peng took matters into her own hands and founded Prologue Vision. By creating her own collection, Peng became no longer restricted by Eurocentric standards, and she was determined to address the fit issue that the industry at large had been ignoring.

Established in 2009, Prologue Vision started the journey to create eyewear that celebrates diversity and is the sole distributor of the Asian Fit brands TC CHARTON, TC FIT, ALEXANDRA PENG, as well as the newest collection, NUAGE LUNETTES. New styles are consistently released, continuously filling the void for Asian fit products in the industry. By offering a large selection of styles addressing different fitting needs, Prologue Vision has raised the awareness of fit issues among eye care professionals and thus changed the landscape of the optical industry for the better.

Peng’s passion for creating high-quality products to serve those in need of proper fit fuels the company’s drive. Our strong team dynamic is based on core values. We strive to provide honesty and transparency in the office and with our customers and strongly believe that our accomplishments are based on the success of our clients, and the willingness of each staff member to provide superior service and care.

Originally located in the Bay Area, California, Prologue Vision proudly became a resident of Dallas, Texas in 2013. With a strong commitment to our community and multiple charitable organizations, our staff members and management are dedicated to making a positive impact on everyone we meet.

Keeping clients highly satisfied, Prologue Vision offers a “Patient Approval” program, allowing practices to order frames for their patients to view and try on before purchasing. Find out more about “Patient Approval” and the 30-day money back return window.

For more information about our company, our eyewear lines, and for general questions please contact us at info@prologuevision.com

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