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The designer of TC CHARTON proudly introduces TC-Fit, a fresh and fashionable line of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses that seeks to meet the needs of uniquely featured teens and young adults. By focusing on providing more options for individuals who have difficulty finding well-fitting glasses, TC-Fit aims to be the prime expression of youthful energy at a budget-friendly price point while maintaining exceptional quality.

The philosophy behind the eyewear line was to ensure that consumers with Asian features could comfortably wear a product that matches the contours of their facial structure at a reasonable cost.

“I was actually inspired by my favorite pair of jeans!” says TC-Fit designer Alexandra Peng. “We all have our very own favorite, one that we would love to wear all the time! So I asked myself, “What style of frame would it be like, if there were such a thing as the eyewear equivalent of jeans?”

Though designed to accommodate a youthful lifestyle, TC-Fit eyewear is applicable to anyone who can enjoy the generous savings and versatile style offered by the line.

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